For conversion on single or double chamber heat-seal tea packing machines, our InFuse™ family of products provides strong seals and fast conversion, excellent infusion, integrity during infusion, and the capability to apply a custom pattern through textilisation.

  • InFuse™ filter webs offer optimal conversion on single or double chamber heat-seal tea packing machines and provide strong seals and fast conversion.


  • Outstanding taste through ideal infusion
  • Offer optimal conversion
  • Patterning capability through textilization


For conversion on non-heatseal teabag packing machines, our Classic portfolio of advanced products deliver excellent infusion, outstanding tea blend retention, high yield conversion with a low rejection rate, superior crimp strength and head fold stability. Classic grades are manufactured with Ahlstrom-Munksjö patented “binder technology”.

  • Optimized for conversion on non-heatseal teabag packing machines, these technological products guarantee efficiency on your production lines


  • Optimum flavor expression
  • Offers optimal high yield conversion, low rejects
  • Excellent crimp strength and head fold stability
  • Leaker proof “binder technology”


Ahlstrom-Munksjö specialists have developed Robust™ variants for each of its tea offerings. Faster, more reliable, stronger, choose Robust™ to supercharge your conversion process!


Robust™ is a dedicated fiber blend for our products, whether BioWeb®, InFuse heatseal or Classic non-heatseal.

  • In our Classic and InFuse variants, this special blend makes our webs stronger, more flexible and it allows us to run more reliably and faster on current machines
  • For InFuse, that also means no more bleed through during heatsealing, you can now run continuously!
  • For our BioWeb®, the Robust™ version allows for increased mechanical stability and a wider heatseal window, which means no more lost time to adjust your equipment
  • That means BioWeb® Robust™ can now be a substitute for traditional heatseal materials!


  • Convert tea bags faster than ever with Robust™
  • Its increased reliability makes it an ideal partner during production
  • Its versatility allows for easy web switches


Make your brand stand out through our unique imaging process.
Our patented process of textilization delivers outstanding image definition.
Selected materials can also be branded with a logo or slogan to deliver a message at the point of consumption.

Gerbier™ HDS Tea Bag Envelopes

Until the tea bag unleashes the tea’s flavor in the cup, flavors need to be preserved. Our Gerbier™ HDS is a coated paper (1 side) that is suitable for laminating or as a base for extrusion. It has a heat-resistant coating and offers high mechanical properties as well as very good printability and good gloss for an attractive looking tea sachet.

Key benefits:

  • High gloss and very good printability to ensure great shelf appeal
  • Prevention of blistering during further converting
  • Heat-resistant coating to prevent damage of the print during the heat-sealing process
  • Outstanding mechanical properties for efficient, trouble-free converting processes